Welcome to a world of Unique Digital Images

In The Beginning

Having always been interested in art and photography, the introduction of the digital camera enabled me to combine these two passions and produce Creative Digital Art. The inspiration for my work has almost always come from the natural world, being a lover of nature and the countryside. However, many of the images now originate from photos of man-made objects.
As well as creating images from specific subjects, I now produce collages that combine images linked to the primary subject, incorporating enhanced and specific content to make a unique and often personal piece. This type of image is ideally suited for commission work.

During The Process

All images start out as original photos taken by me. These are then enhanced, redefined and edited, using various photographic software techniques, thus creating unusual and expressive images to compliment the mood or surroundings in which they are to be viewed, or in the case of a collage, to convey or capture a message or memory.
All images are totally unique and cannot be replicated.

After The Creation

My work has appeared in the Saatchi On Line Gallery, Ecoscene, and Rebecca Dawe Gallery. In addition my images have been used by FujiFilm for their trade stand at the 'Focus on Imaging' Exhibition at the NEC Birmingham 2011. Work has also been exhibited at the Agora Gallery New York, and more recently, the on line Digital Gallery 'D-ART 2014' for the International Conference Information Visualisation iV 2014, at the Universite Paris Descartes in Paris, and the International Conference “Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization” CGIV 2014, at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Into The Future

I am continually working on new images and would be happy to create a commissioned image upon request. Please email me, should you wish to discuss a specific requirement.
Images are available in print (as per the 'Buying Your Prints' section), or on canvas (subject to quotation).

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